What Are the Main Tools for a Painter & Decorator?

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Mention the word painter, and it conjures up an image of a man in white overalls with a scraper hanging from his belt and a few brushes in his pocket, and while he would certainly use such tools, there’s a lot more to his arsenal.

  • Stepladders – Most of the time, trusted painting & decorating services in Edinburgh are working above ground level, and either a good pair of stepladders, or a small scaffold tower would give them a safe working platform.
  • Brushes – Paint brushes would be numerous, with thin ones for fine cutting, and possibly a 6 inch brush used for wallpaper adhesive. The painter’s brushes are his prized tools, and they are cleaned properly after every use, and would be of the highest quality. Brushes are used to apply emulsion (water based paint) and oil paint, which requires skilful brushing in order to leave a satin finish.
  • Rollers and Trays – The roller empowers the painter to really cover some ground, and applying paint with a roller is harder than it looks, and if you’re not careful, it could get quite messy. Rollers with on long poles would be ideal for ceilings, and some painters prefer to cut the edges in before using the roller, while others leave the cutting until last.
  • Wallpapering – An art form, wallpapering is all about applying the strips in such a way that there are no creases or air bubbles. Special brushes and blades allow for precise cutting, and with his trusted wallpapering table and brush, the professional can apply paper in no time, while cutting around light fittings.

The painter would have an endless supply of sandpaper of all grades, and by working methodically, he can achieve a perfect finish, and his clean-up is first rate.

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