Professional Stonemason: What Exactly Do They Do

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Everyone has heard of a stonemason, but many people don’t know exactly what they do. This article gives a brief introduction to this skilled craft, explaining some of the different types of professional stonemasons.

Specialised Craft

A stonemason is a tradesman who specialises in working with stone, they can do anything from headstone carvings to building restoration.

They create incredible pieces of craft using specialist tools, a qualified stonemason study their trade and does an extensive apprenticeship like any other tradesman. You’ll find experienced stonemason services in Edinburgh, London and numerous other major cities up and down the UK.

Types of Stonemasons

Stonemasons work in a wide variety of areas and they come in an assortment of different categories such as:

  • Quarrymen: A quarryman works in a quarry cutting raw stone and shaping it to be transported to other stonemasons for further work.
  • Banker Masons: These individuals operate in a workshop and shape stone.
  • Fixer Masons: This is a hazardous job that requires a lot of skill and patience.
  • Carver: This type of mason specialises in creating original pieces of craftwork that are both decorative and extremely intricate.
  • Memorial Mason: These tradesmen specialise in stone plaques and headstones.

Characteristics of a Quality Stonemason

A good stonemason will exhibit all the same qualities no matter what area of the trade they work in, these include features such as a creative mind, great teamwork skills and the ability to follow a brief with exceptional accuracy.

If you need a job done right, hire an experienced stonemason for your project.

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