Opening New Doors

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When it comes time for new doors on your home, the choices can be daunting. Understanding the different types of doors and their benefits will help you make the right choice.

Where Do I Start?

First, you must decide what materials you want your door made from. Two popular materials are uPVC and composite. uPVC gets made from plastic while composite doors consist of a number of materials all in one. uPVC doors offer a long life and low maintenance. Composite doors, though, boast a number of perks:

  • Strength: Composite doors secure your home from intruders and are not easily damaged.
  • Noise Reduction: Composite doors block out unwanted neighbourhood noises.
  • Energy Efficient: Composite doors block heat from getting in during summer months and trap heat inside during the winter months.

Once you’ve decided what materials interest you, contact an expert doors company in Warrington to customise style and design while remaining cost-effective.

What about Patio Doors?

Many companies that sell doors also specialise in patio doors. When it comes to patio doors, typically homeowners want them to reflect their style. French doors offer an elegant look while sliding patio doors offer other benefits. If you choose a sliding door, you can maximise your inside space without worrying about where the doors will open to. Additionally, sliding doors maximise the amount of daylight let into your home. Sliding doors tend to be seen on homes with a more modern design style while French-style patio doors offer a more traditional look. No matter which design best reflects your personal style, let the professionals talk to you about how to go about installing the doors and enjoying your patio.

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