How to Prepare for a Visit from a Chimney Sweep

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Open fires have become very popular with UK homeowners, with affordable woodburning stoves that offer a cosy and warm ambience, and that means that chimney sweeps are still in demand, despite the emergence of central heating. Prior to looking for chimney sweeps in Hampshire, here are a few things to prepare to make the cleaning process that much easier.

  • Remove All Valuables from the Room – The chimney sweep will ask you to remove anything of value from the room prior to his arrival, which does make a lot of sense. If something precious were to go missing, the chimney sweep does not want to be implicated in any way, so make sure that all valuable items are removed from the room prior to the sweep’s arrival.
  • Remove All Items from the Mantle and Hearth – Ornaments and fire implements should all be cleared away, which allows the chimney sweep to go about his work uninterrupted. You should also remove any unspent fuel from the hearth, as this would hamper their work, and with everything cleared out of the immediate area, the chimney sweep can start work as soon as he arrives.
  • Lay Newspaper from the Front Door to the Fireplace – This will protect your carpets, as the chimney sweep goes about his work, and you should also cover furniture in the room with old sheets, just in case.

The chimney sweep will certainly appreciate the above preparations, which will allow him to go about his duties without having to worry about making a mess.









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