How to Lay Turf Like a Professional

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We’ve all seen that perfect lawn, lush green, with perfectly mowed lines, and if you have ever wondered how they do that, here is a brief guide to professional turf laying.

Ground Preparation

Ask any seasoned landscape gardener, and he’ll confirm that ground preparation is the key to a professional job. The ground must first be cleared of the following:

  • Stones and rocks
  • Weeds
  • Roots and other objects

It is a good idea to run a small rotovator over the area to be turfed, which fluffs up the top 2 inches of soil and allows it to be raked finely. Notice that landscapers use very wide wooden rakes, which can also level the ground, as well as removing unwanted stones. Top quality turf supplies in Harrogate will ensure that your lawn will look stunning, and the neighbours will be envious.

Laying the Turf

The principle of laying turf is to work over oneself, which means laying one row and then placing boards on the row and lay another, and keep doing this until you have reached the far side. This means that every inch of the turf has been subjected to the pressure of you walking on the boards, which spreads out the turf, knitting it with its neighbour, and as you haven’t walked on the prepared ground, the result will be an even finish.

Once the lawn is complete, spray water liberally until the lawn is soaked, and in dry weather, this should be repeated daily for the first 2 weeks, which will promote quick growth. Avoid walking on the pawn for the first few weeks, after which it can be cut with a machine that has a heavy roller.












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