A Guide to Removing a Mature Tree in a Residential Setting

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Large trees can weigh up to 50 tons, and if you have a mature oak or elm that needs to be removed, this is a job for a specialist, as it is extremely dangerous work. When talking to affordable tree surgeons in Farnborough, make sure they are fully insured and have hands-on experience removing large trees.

Stage by Stage Tree Removal

A large tree in a domestic setting cannot simply be felled, rather the tree surgeon would evaluate the weight distribution, then decide on which boughs to remove first. The equipment necessary to safely remove a large tree would include:

  • Suitably Sized Crane – This lowers the individual sections to the ground.
  • Ropes, Pulleys and Harnesses – The tree surgeon would be located in the tree and would have a safety harness on at all times.
  • Flat Bed Truck – The large sections of the tree would be lowered onto a flatbed truck for removal.

Once the boughs and brushwood is removed, the large trunk sections are cut and gradually lowered to the ground.

Professional Team

The team that work on this kind of project would be responsible for keeping the area free of people, while cutting up the branches as they are lowered, and a team would consist of 4-5 people, with one working at height. Some tree surgeons use a cherry picker, which can place them at exactly the right place to make a decisive cut, and this is the safest way to work at height.

If you have a mature tree that you think might be a danger, a Google search will help you locate a nearby tree surgeon, and he can quote for the tree removal.

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