A Guide to Landscaping your Garden

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Many UK homeowners decide to carry out their garden renovation, as this saves a lot of money on labour costs, and if you have the right tools and equipment, any person can design and build a garden. The design is the first step, and this can be done using a floorplan that is to scale. Decide what main features you are going to incorporate into the design, such as:

  • Terrace
  • Lawn
  • Rockery
  • Fishpond
  • Water Fountain

Make Good Use of What Resources you Have

You will likely have to dig out a lot of topsoil to create a terrace, and with an affordable skip hire company in Lewisham, you can arrange for a suitably sized skip to be delivered as you begin the work. There is always a lot of waste generated when you create a garden, and green waste can be effectively recycled into fertiliser, while topsoil and building rubble can also be reused.

Ordering Materials

If you are going to lay turf, then this needs to be delivered when you are ready to do the work, and by preparing the ground and removing all stones, while also levelling the area, laying the turf will be much easier. If you are installing a patio, then you must order the slabs to be delivered when the base is completed, and of, course, any trees and shrubs must also be delivered.

You will generate a lot of waste, therefore, make sure that the skip you order is large enough to contain everything that is unwanted.

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