A Basic Guide to Painting & Decorating

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Many UK homeowners are taking to their stepladders in an effort to make their living space a little more attractive, but before you rush out and buy paint brushes and rollers, there are a few important aspects to consider, which are outlined in this short article.

  1. The Right Tools & Equipment– Ask any of the best painters and decorators in Bristol and they will gladly confirm that a tradesman is only as good as his tools. Brushes, rollers, trays, scrapers and sandpaper blocks are all required, and you will need a solid platform on which to work above ground level.
  2. Work Methodically– It is very easy to create a mess when painting and decorating, hence the need to work in a methodical way, rather than leaving tins of paint and brushes everywhere. Cover flooring and furniture before doing anything, and make sure the preparation is carried out prior to doing anything else.
  3. Start at the Top and Work your Way Down– That way, gravity work in your favour, and whenever brushing off walls and ceilings, make sure you allow ample time for the dust to settle before starting the work. Remove as much as you can from a room before starting work, while using blankets and old bedsheets to protect heavy furniture, and always remember to ventilate the room when painting.

    In the event you are not confident doing this kind of work, you might be better off calling in a local painter & decorator, who will ensure a first class finish.

















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