3 Easy Tips to Help Maintain Your Oil Tank

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The summer period is the perfect time to have a look at your oil tank and assess its condition. As the sunnier days begin to emerge, your oil tank is usually lower because of the winter season. These maintenance tips will help you prolong the life of your tank.

  1. Cap & Gauge

The first thing to do when examining your oil tank is to check the cap. You should make sure it fits correctly, so nothing can enter the tank that shouldn’t be there. After you’ve checked the oil tank cap, move on to the gauge. This component of the tank must be kept clean to ensure you get an accurate reading. If you’ve an issue with these parts, you can contact Dorset oil tank installation and replacement specialists to inspect your unit.

  1. Identifying a Leak

To identify a leak in your oil tank, you must pay close attention to multiple factors. You should take some time to visually examine the tank and the outside environment. Here are some things to look out for when checking the tank.

  • Pungent Odour
  • Change in Your Heating Bill
  • Damage to the Surrounding Environment
  • Dead Plants Above Your Tank
  • Stains on Your Property
  1. Keep the Area Clean

You should keep your oil tank clear of any vegetation, especially around the vent caps and filler. If you let this area become overgrown, you won’t be able to notice any problems with your tank.

If you wish to increase the longevity of your oil tank, you must schedule regular maintenance checks with a professional.









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